Dispute Resolution, Inc.

Dispute Resolution, Inc.

Grandview Heights
Hello. I am not an attorney; I’m an associate member of the CBA, a mediator with twenty-three years, well over two thousand hours of at-the-table experience. I specialize in helping people resolve financial and personnel disputes. I helped members of a family business resolve a 900K concern; my largest case was 15 million. Personnel disputes have been mediated for courts and other government agencies, and about 260 cases for the United States Postal Service.

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Dispute Resolution, Inc.
1000 Urlin Avenue
Unit 220
Columbus, OH 43212
Phone (614) 619-0017
Fax (614) 947-8101
Email edmkmediator@gmail.com

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Degrees: B.A.

Fees: $240 per hour for at-the-table time. Mileage if outside Franklin County.

Neutral Qualifications: Extensive training in mediation skills from Supreme Court of Ohio, Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio, Ohio Mediation Association, other entities. Provider of training in dispute resolution techniques for law students and court personnel for: Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University, Capital University Law School, The Supreme Court of Ohio.

Professional Affiliations: Associate Member, CBA. Member and Past President, Ohio Mediation Association.

Attention Forensic Consultants/Expert Witnesses & Service Providers: To advertise in the 2021 CBA Legal Resource Guide contact Leslie Klenk, Burgie MediaFusion, (614) 554-6294 or leslie@burgiemediafusion.com.