Isaac Wiles & Burkholder LLC

Isaac Wiles & Burkholder LLC

Downtown Columbus
Built to serve the needs of middle-market businesses, as well as closely-held companies and high-income individuals, our 55-attorney firm leverages strong ties to Ohio’s legal and business community. Our insider’s knowledge of both, along with our breadth of experience, allows us to arrive at practical and effective solutions.

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Isaac Wiles & Burkholder LLC
2 Miranova Pl
Ste 700
Columbus, OH 43215-5098
Phone (614) 221-2121
Fax (614) 365-9516

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What makes your firm unique?

We find our flexibility, collaborative approach and willingness to explore solutions from a variety of vantage points makes us a natural fit for the firm’s core middle-market clients.

43 Attorneys

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