Christopher J. Geer

Christopher J. Geer

Sustaining Member Foundation Fellow

Isaac Wiles & Burkholder LLC

Downtown Columbus

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Isaac Wiles & Burkholder LLC
2 Miranova Pl
Ste 700
Columbus, OH 43215-5098
Phone (614) 221-2121
Fax (614) 365-9516

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Chris Geer is a highly skilled lawyer with a long list of admissions and judicial experience at a variety of levels, including an extensive litigation background involving large marital estates and small property cases, along with being certified as a Guardian ad Litem and mediator. Known for his calm demeanor and disarming sense of humor, he worked as an attorney for nearly 29 years in central Ohio before becoming a Judge in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Division of Domestic Relations/ Juvenile Branch. He’s lectured extensively to lawyers and non-professionals alike on divorce, juvenile, and other litigation issues. As a former foster parent, he is extremely interested in litigating the best interests of children of divorce.


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Capital UniversityJuris Doctor (J.D.)Law

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43 years

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